Submissive wife, dominant husband

Another set of videos here from Sex and Submission featuring a roleplay where a submissive wife must please her very dominant husband. He brings home his colleague who she has never met and offers her to him. The attractive yet demure and submissive wife obediently pleasures both men out of her loyalty for her husband and fulfills her own desires at the same time.

This set of clips isn't actually too heavy on the bondage, rough kinky sex, and severe punishment (spanking and whipping) aspect that we see a lot of Sex and Submission. It's 'somewhat' more relaxed and takes place in a home setting. Although, the submissive wife here takes an ass hook (and gets fucked anally at the same time), is ball-gagged, and does get bound rather tightly and double-penetrated. Mainly though I chose to show these clips because the woman here (Katrina Isis) is just stunningly good-looking.

Click here to watch these sample clips then if you want to see the scene in its entirety I highly recommend you visit Sex and Submission. The ending to this scene I found VERY satisfying as Katrina take a double cumshot all over her breasts while she is gagged and bound tightly.
Katrina Isis plays the submissive wife who must please her very dominant husband and his colleague
Beautiful submissive wife must please her dominant husband and his colleague - Watch the movies here!

Posted: Saturday 31st March 2007, 7:14 AM